Thousand Friends of Martinez endorses Brianne Zorn for Martinez Mayor

Thousand Friends of Martinez has endorsed Brianne Zorn for Martinez Mayor. We urge you to find out more about Brianne and see what she represents.

Despite her short tenure she has shown the qualities of leadership that Martinez truly needs.  In many ways it seems that she has accomplished more in two years than many council members do in their entire careers.

Since joining the City Council Brianne has been a main driver in the push for an independent redistricting commission in Martinez.  The gerrymandered district lines that other council members chose as the district lines were not acceptable to the citizens of Martinez.  Brianne got deeply involved and successfully pushed for the right approach – a truly independent commission.  The new district lines are in place for the 2022 elections.

A long-term goal of many in Martinez was the purchase of the Alhambra Hills property near the John Muir Historical Site.  A previous City Council had approved development of the important land and it appeared all was lost.  After years of inaction and inconclusive negotiations, the time was ripe for closure.  In June 2022 a ballot measure was placed on the ballot for a bond measure for the City to purchase the land.  The measure passed with over 68% approval – a difficult feat in these inflationary times. Brianne played a significant role in making this happen and was one of the signatories on the For argument on the ballot.

Her fresh, open style of leadership is apparent to many in the City.  She regularly communicates with all of the electorate with updates on what is happening in Martinez.  This is sorely needed as local newspaper and media coverage has all but disappeared.  No other member of the Council has engaged in such comprehensive communication with the public.

The list goes on (including supporting major marina revitalization and meeting growth needs while enhancing our historic, small-town nature), but it is important to note that Brianne is just the type of mayor Martinez needs.  Her solid leadership and strong environmental commitment are the right skills to guide Martinez in the coming years.  She is accessible and expresses herself in a way that fosters open government and transparency. Her experience as a wetland scientist will be an important asset for many of the serious issues we face. 

We feel that Brianne is the right choice for Martinez.  Please give her your support.